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Hey there! I’m Stacey Turner, a Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Certified Fitness and Nutrition Coach of 25 years and am on a mission to help women reclaim their health and vibrancy by bringing their hormones into balance and breaking free from the dangers of processed food, sugar, and toxic chemicals. “Why hormone health?” I have been in your shoes! I had symptoms of brain fog, low energy, low sex drive, its a long list of "miserable". While now I’m healthy, It was a rough couple of years. I was dealing with pretty intense personal stress, a physical injury and I was transitioning from perimenopause into menopause. Before all of these issues started, I practiced regular exercise, I loved being outdoors riding my horses or taking a hike in the mountains and I ate a healthy diet. In my misery I went to the gynecologist and after running the typical blood work the results came back in the “normal range”. The only relief my doctor offered was birth control and anti-depressants. WTH? I am not depressed! I didn’t go with her advice as I didn’t understand why I would take a synthetic hormone like birth control. Especially at my age and the anti-depressant will cause more damage down the road. When I left her office, I was pissed and disappointed that I didn’t have an action plan. I knew that there was more that could be done naturally. This is when I decided to go back to school. I found the Functional Diagnostics Nutrition Program and it has been the best thing I did for myself and my Health Coaching/Fitness business. Through FDN I understand the deeper causes of my symptoms and how functional lab tests can help correlate with what’s going on at the root cause. Through an extensive look into my lifestyle and health history I was able to correlate with my lab test, not just blood work alone. The doctor said it was my age, however, it was stress, my injury that led to surgery, my hormones were going whacky, mineral imbalances, unstable blood sugar and low functioning thyroid. All the things that help you move forward in life. Energy, mood, motivation and more. I wasn’t crazy after all! My mission is to utilize my knowledge to help as many women as I can be the boss of their hormones through educating women on nutrition, fitness and self-love.


Gwen Baugher


I am a retired dental hygienist. I decided to sign up for Stacey’s Challenge because I had no energy and my blood work was starting to creep up on the high side. I recommend you join the Revive Chaotic Hormone Challenge. The support of the private group was very beneficial and Stacey answered all of my questions that I was confused about. I learned so much about how to eat for balancing my hormones and blood sugar. Stacey’s at home workouts were challenging and less than 30 minutes. If you are afraid, do it anyway! After a few days, its not so difficult.



I had worked with Stacey in the past with workouts and nutrition support and I always felt my best when following her guidance. Life got busy and I had fallen off the path a bit. I started feeling bloated with fatigue and was also in a bad car accident. I learned about her Revive Chaotic Hormones Challenge and couldn’t wait to signup. Stacey challenged us everyday! She taught us about planning and prepping ahead. Her food plan can be easily changed to fit your likes vs dislikes. My skin feels and looks better and I don’t feel full after a few bites. I feel more energy and bonus I lost 6 lbs.! I love the workouts that you can do from home. The Castor Oil detox also helped to improve my digestive issues. Stacey truly cares and helps find options if something doesn’t work for you. The private group is also a plus, we were able to help keep each other accountable. I say Go for it! You can do it and will fill better, I promise!

Autumn Teston


I was feeling emotionally and physically sub-par, I needed to make a change. My biggest problem was taking the time and conviction to improve my lifestyle. I needed help so I joined her challenge. Stacey is very personable and is available and willing to answer any questions. Her program taught me how to use nutrition for balancing my energy levels. Her recipes and education on digestion and liver health made things clearer on why we need to take care of ourselves. She is genuine, fun, and passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. At the end of the challenge I felt clean on the inside, higher self-esteem and initiative, and able to focus more clearly. I would say to anyone thinking about joining one of Stacey’s programs, It’s not as scary as you think. But you do have to put in some work to get the results.